Corporate Crisis Communication

Corporate Crisis Communication Analysis
Park University, 2017


In the business world, facing a crisis is nearly inevitable. Whether the crisis is a public spectacle on an international scale, or something that only affects local office workers, the way that a business handles a crisis is important. A business’ ability to bounce back from disaster depends heavily on their crisis communication strategy. Effective crisis communication requires not only fundamental basics, but field appropriate actions and knowledge. Different methods may be utilized by different companies, and each method’s effectiveness will vary depending on the specific circumstances the company is facing.

The purpose of this study is to thoroughly evaluate and analyze the crisis communication styles used by two different businesses during a public relations crisis. The two styles to be analyzed are that of JetBlue after their 2007 crisis, and that of Abercrombie and Fitch after their 2013 crisis. These crisis management styles will be compared to the fundamentals of crisis communication using content analysis, and the success or failure of both strategies will be reviewed. The project will conclude with suggestions regarding further research into crisis communication methods and their effectiveness.

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